Thanks for this Season, WIIM

No Quick Hits today, I just want to bask in the relief of the end of the Red Wings’ season and in the excitement that is the first real indication the Red Wings are building towards something that we’ve seen in a while.

I remember the feeling of the end of last season being pretty similar in that I was relieved it was over, but comparing that feeling to this one, I have to say that what I felt going into last year’s draft, what I had was more positive interest than true excitement.  I’m honestly excited to see what one more summer of the Yzerplan is going to bring us come October.

I’m not trying to get terribly ahead of things.  The Red Wings have a lot of improving to do before they’re a real cup contender.  Without some wild changes and a huge chunk of luck, the 2022-23 season isn’t going to bring a deep run. I felt consistently throughout this season that the Wings were playing with house money in that they needed to show promise this season and the actual place in the standings wasn’t as crucial.  I’d like to win the lottery because it’s obviously better, but I’m not as excited for the as-of-yet nameless kid to be determined as I am for the continued development of kids like Moritz Seider, Lucas Raymond and Joe Veleno, a healthy Dylan Larkin and Jakub Vrana, a bit of roster turnover and the endless arguments over how many follicles should be atop the head of the person running the bench.

I want to say thanks for sticking it out this year and for always bringing up all of the angles, perspectives, stories, jokes, and challenges you have. The community works because you’re awesome.

We’re not done by any means, not by a long shot.  We’ll have some wrap-up stuff, a playoff rooting guide, and a lot to look forward to. Stick around and LGRW!