The Limited Edition Turtle Tee is Here

It all started as a laugh, as we put up nine hastily-drawn designs better than the one released last week based on a vague description of the Red Wings Stadium Series jerseys for their game against the Avalanche in February. We asked our readers to come up with their own designs. What we weren't expecting was that user Kapit would create a design that would become a must-have shirt for the game.

We're happy to present you with the limited edition WIIM Turtle Tee just in time for our get-together in February.

You can buy the shirt directly from here, using Gameday Depot's range of shirt selections, including ring-spun cotton and the v-neck.

This shirt will be available from now until March. If you're not aware of the design's inspiration, I'm sure any local Avalanche fans (if you can find any) would be sure to graciously tell you what it means when ask them what "turtle" means in regards to the Wings/Avs rivalry. Or, I could help you search.

Go ahead and pick yours up. If I see you wearing one around Denver near the end of February, there's a very good chance I'll buy you a beer. Thanks, and LGRW!