The Little Caesar's Arena has a name, now it needs a nickname

Detroit fans got a real treatza-treatza today when we found out that the name of the Red Wings' new arena (which will replace the Joe Louis Arena beginning in the 2017-18 season) will be named the Little Caesar's Arena. Of course people had many hot-and-ready takes about this name. I don't think anybody was surprised by the new arena having a corporate name, though it caught me off guard that it would be named after the Ilitch family's pizza chain, since this is apparently them paying themselves for the naming rights, but we've had plenty of time to prepare for the end of a memorial-named arena (though it still just kind of sucks that it had to happen).

I'm sure there are plenty of accounting/business reasons for that decision, some of which we may even eventually discover. In the meantime, we've got a bigger problem.

What the hell do we call this place?

Like a bacon-wrapped deep-dish, "Little Caesar's Arena" is kind of a mouthful. I know we'll see that all over the marketing material coming from the Red Wings (provided that the registered "Baddest Bowl in Hockey" doesn't also get used, but as fans, we have fan conversations and we give nicknames to everything, especially things that have long names that are annoying to say/type out all the time.

With that in mind, I asked our Twitter followers for guidance:

My recommendations were just the beginning though. Our followers came through pretty big with good suggestions. Here are some of my favorites.

Right off the bat, a Devils fan kind of nails it down. We got lots of pizza related ones, but I like how this one fits how the arena will be dug into the ground as well.

Another strong contender. The Dough easily replaces "The Joe" in our everyday conversation and feels at least like it's not entirely forgetting about the team's current digs.

Refusing to play along with the corporate name-game is a great strategy. People will still know what you're talking about after all. The shelf-life on this idea will only last so long until you get inundated with people telling you not to call it that for various reasons.

As a big fan of portmanteaus, I really like this one. Easy to say, though I guess it does kind of sound like a drunk person shouting the name of Nashville's goalie.



It's hip, I guess, but I have never been able to say "Za" without intentionally trying to come across as an asshole.

Easy to say, good pizza reference. Sure why not?

Well the team isn't ever going to accept that because they don't want to get sued out of Las Vegas, but I also wonder about the tie in with the Palace at Auburn Hills.

It's clever, but am I too picky in saying that would be more-fitting for the box-shaped Joe Louis than for this new, more-round arena?

The only wrong way to eat pizza is to limit yourself to only a portion.

So what do you think it should be called? Vote below or give your own answer. Either way, the fans are going to decide what they refer to this place as regardless of what the team actually wants everybody to call it.

What should fans call the new arena?

The Deep Dish179
The Dough259
The LC226
The Pizzarena293
The Joe330
Some other option that I'll surely tell you in the comments178