The Pets of WIIM

A few days ago, I posted in a comment about how our dog Bowie was having surgery to amputate her back leg because of a cancerous growth. (The main article photo is a picture of Bowie from before her surgery). First off, I want to thank people for the support and words of encouragement, etc.

Since I know not everyone reads the comments, I’ll start with a brief update. Bowie is home recovering and starting to do so much better than how she was initially. She’s started to get the idea of how to move around without the fourth leg, and that’s only going to get better as time passes.

WIIM community member Polsguru had the idea to have, well, this article: a place to celebrate all the pets of our community. It’s been a really hard 2020 for many of us in a lot of ways, and one thing that many of us share in common is the love for a pet or pets and how they return our love tenfold.

So this post will feature pets from the WIIM staff, and we encourage you to add pictures of your pets in the comments! If you don’t know how to do that, I’ll put a little primer at the end of the article.



First up is Kyle’s dog Butters. If you follow him on social media, you’ve seen a ton of pictures and video of this good boy. Seeing pictures of Butters always brightens my day:


Next up is Jeff’s cat, who has an iconic name.


Not to be outdone, we have Rudy (L) and Grendel (R), Mike’s cats. Rudy is named after the title character Notre Dame football epic and Grendel is named after a character from the Anglo-Saxon epic (and a John Gardner philosophical novel).


Up next on our pet countdown (in which all pets are tied for first) is Stevie! I would definitely trust her to rebuild my team, if by rebuilding my team I mean looking adorable while perched on pianos.


I bet you can’t guess whose dog this is. According to JJ, she’s old enough to remember the last time the Wings won the cup.


This is Prashanth’s adorable pupper. Cuteness/60 is off the charts.


Rounding out the list are the rest of my pets. Eddie is a Mini Aussie, Willow is at the top right, and Susie is bottom right.


Bowie is now able to walk on her own!

So now it’s your turn! Show us all your wonderful pet pictures in the comments!

If you are not familiar with putting pictures in the comments, here’s how to do it using the commenting system:

You’ll need the picture uploaded somewhere on the internet so you have a web address. Click the image icon in the comment options. Paste in the URL of the image. In the code that appears in the comment box, you will see text at the end that says alt=””. replace the part that says alt= with height=400 or width=400, where the number is the number of pixels you want the picture to be high or wide. You only have to do one. Click preview instead of post and you will see what it looks like.

You can also share a link to an instagram picture or another social media option.

We have an amazing community of readers, and I can’t wait to see all the pet pictures!