The Point Streak has ended! Wings lose 6-2 to the Devils

Cancel the parade. But maybe have a little party for Larkin and Kubalik.

Pregame Mick has the gray flannel on to perfectly contrast the rainbow roof lights behind him for Pride Night. Fashion!

First Period

Larkin already bullying the Devils to create chances for his line in the first minute.  And then he’s back at it again and SCOOOOOOOOORES! DYLAN LARKIN! 1-0 Wings three minutes into the first. Apples to Kubalik and Erne. Yep, they were all on the ice together :D

It’s been all Red Wings for the first half of the period but the Devils manage to even it up. Mercer from Marino and Graves. Tie game 1-1 at 11:25. Sucked the energy out of the Wings a little bit.

A second Devils goal and both came against our giant line. The big boys need to tighten up their defense and remember to look DOWN to see the little guys skating around. Hughes from Haula and Bratt at 15:16, 2-1 Devils. A weird moment where it was announced the Wings were challenging for goaltender interference, but actually no they weren’t. But they wanted to and it was too late because play had started with puck drop at center ice. The Wings still have not yet challenged a goal this season.

Complete reversal of the first few minutes, now it’s all Devils with the Wings turning over the puck and always seeming a step behind. The Wings are lucky to get out of the period only down by one.

2-1 Devils and shots are 15-5 Devils.

Second Period

Off to a bad start gang! Hagg goes to the Horrible Hut for Hateful Haggs for delay of game. The Wings give up not just a goal but a powerplay goal, the penalty kill is no longer 100%. Bratt from Hughes and Hamilton at 0:43 and it’s now 3-1 Devils.

4-1 Devils. Short-handed goal. Siegenthaler had barely touched his bum to the bench in the Bad Boy Box before Sharangovich scored with help from Graves. The Red Wings successfully kill the remainder of their own powerplay.

9 minutes in and the Wings alarm seems to have gone off as they’re finally putting some plays together. Shots are 23-11 Devils. Reality is starting to appear.

How’s it going with a few minutes left? Well, Hagg hits Wood into the boards and they almost fight. Wood wants to fight and Hagg didn’t feel like it. This is the game, where Hagg’s name is actually being said. Wings get a rush going and Raymond passes to...nobody in particular. So that’s that.

Holtz trips Perron with 32.2 seconds left and goes to the Crimes Cabana. Time for another Rrrrrred Wings powerplay!

4-1 Devils. Shots 30-13 Devils.

Third Period

We start with 1.5 minutes of powerplay and it is killed. But we get another chance! Delay of game penalty puts Severson in the Sin Stall and the Wings back on the powerplay at 3:37. And that one’s killed too. A lot of missed connections this game, realizing how nice our passing was going now that it’s failing.

Some line shuffling seems to be going on as Sunny is out there with Zadina and Suter. Sure, why not? Kubalik out with Ras and Larkin and the plan worked! Kubalik scores with apples to Ras and Hagg! 4-2 Devils at 8:17.

Wings are powered up now as Hagg is almost able to smack a puck out of the air off a chip pass from Larkin but Vanacek is able to keep it from getting through.

Ouch. Ned left his office and Hischier had all day to shoot it. 5-2 Devils at 15:37.



Score 6-2 Devils and shots 41-22 Devils.