THE STREAK HAS ENDED. Red Wings stun the world defeating the Jets 5-2.

Oh how the turns table. Helm, Fabbri, Zadina, and Hronek score in this desperately needed victory.

Tonight’s game is Hometown Heroes Night for appreciating law enforcement, EMTs, first responders, fire fighters, etc. With one exception. We are not appreciating, and in fact will be disrespecting, Andrew Copp.

Other important note for pregame is Mick’s outfit.

Oh, and Larkin is in the lineup after being questionable this afternoon.

Mick has put a suit jacket on.

First Period

Instant little backhand shovel attempt by Zadina, he’s happy to be back. Not that he ever left exactly. Wings are definitely motoring in the opening minutes, of course we saw that last time, it’s the second period that will make or break the game.

Brace yourselves, I’m going to tell you something SHOCKING.

Helm scored. ON A BREAKAWAY. 1-0 Red Wings! Top shelf no doubter.

Wings are in the groove, Fabbri looks like he’s gonna get one soon he’s had a few looks already. Shots are 9-1 Red Wings halfway through the period. False hope intensifies!

Scramble around Bernier somehow stays out of the net, nice to see us get some luck on our side. Then Bernier has to skate out to beat a forward to the puck. THEN Bernier has to fend off a shot from a turnover.

However, the Jets momentum is broken up as the Wings go on the powerplay with Wheeler heading to the box for slashing with just over seven minutes to go. Guess what happened? FABBRI SCORES! On the powerplay! 2-0 Wings!

Weird bounces go our way for once, Mick is stunned it wasn’t a goal against us with how trashy/lucky it was. Stick taps to Zadina for the helper, he’s been a sneaky setup machine in a few games now even when we weren’t scoring.

2 minutes left and we have a 2 on 1 with Bert and Larkin charging in but Larkin was just a bit too close to the net to get the shot he wanted, good try though.

I have something else shocking to say.

The Wings did not give up a goal the entire period.

We head to the second at 2-0 Red Wings.

The second period has been horrific for us, but not giving up a goal in the last minute of the period certainly has kept the positive energy going.

Second Period

The refs have no interest in blowing the whistle while a mini-brawl is going on. Scheifele got crushed by half of Nemeth and half of Fabbri. Laine grabs Fabbri’s head but Fabbri keeps smiling, then Bert comes in to check out the situation of course.

Somehow the never whistled down play leads to a Too Much Man penalty against the jets, powerplay for the Wings 1:30 into the period. Jets have a wide open net shorthanded and whiff. Another spot of luck for the good guys.

The powerplay expires and Fabbri takes a big slapper which bounces off the goalie, bounces off the defenseman and into the net. That’s Fabbri’s second goal and it’s 3-0 Red Wings! Guess who got another assist? It’s Zadina! Still under four minutes into the period.

Pionk has scored both of Fabbri’s goals.

Now we see a familiar sight, Winnipeg is back in the game with a goal. 3-1 Wings. Bernier didn’t see it and guessed the wrong place in the net to block. Jets are pushing now to get another quick one because they know we have the tendency to collapse fast. Wings fight them off and hang on to the lead with Bernier cleaning up after the defense making a few flubs.

Wings get a good chance with Larkin sailing the puck all the way down the ice looking for a better rebound but Bert gets a chance anyway, it would have worked with the boards at the Joe.

Uh oh. It’s now only 3-2 Wings. Still seven minutes to have a massive second period collapse. Shots 22-12 Wings. Breakdown by the Wings leaving Connor wide open and Bernier had no chance. Jets seem to be playing the same forward line 90% of the time, that may bode well for our third period.

Jets get away with Too Much Man on the ice right in front of the linesman, no call. What could go wrong? Turns out, nothing!

Fabbri is hunting for the hatty and gets himself in another scrap after Laine gives him a slash after the whistle. Bitetto heads to the box after catching Erne in the face. Wings powerplay for one minute to end the period.

ZADINA SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES with 23.8 seconds to go and the bench is elated. We are making the Jets look like the Red Wings.

4-2 Red Wings with a 13 game losing streak on the line.

Third Period

Jonathan Ericsson did not come back to the bench, not sure what that’s about. Shots are 26-17 and we haven’t been scored on in the first two minutes so that’s good. Zadina and Fabbri are still skate skate skate, they are good for each other.

14:37 and Mike Green, yeah seriously, gets a good chance from Nielsen, YEAH SERIOUSLY, and no goal but noted mean guy Laine is off to the box for slashing. Wings powerplay time!

Hronek giveaway leads to an odd man rush the other way, we again show no appreciation for Copp as a bad bounce gives us another out. Time expires and Bert and Erne (RIGHT??) have a rush and Ken Daniels is so disappointed he can’t have a big Bert and Erne moment.

Halfway through the third now it’s the Jets turn for a dangerous chance and they are increasingly sour goats that Bernier and the hockey gods are stopping them.


Wings fans are buzzing as loud as they have since the home opener, forgot what that sounded like.

Getting hit in the face apparently activated Erne’s hockey powers, he’s been Mr. 200 Foot Game tonight. His best game for sure.

5:40 to go and Trevor Daley is in the bad boy box giving the Jets a chance to make this a more terrifying game. Penalty kill let’s go! Divine intervention wasn’t enough for Filppula to score shorthanded, but he did shoot the puck on net. Nielsen blocks a shot and that hurt, penalty killed.

3:20 to go, still 4-2 Wings. Here comes the Let’s Go Red Wings chant. Nice to hear.

Jets pull the goalie with 3 minutes to go.

HRONEK SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES on an air mail shot from another zip code. That would win him a car in some arenas. 5-2 Red Wings.



The giggles have set in the FSD crew and players are smiling.


P.S. There’s a this fun fact, which we love to see.