The Wrong Brothers: Wings lose SvechniCup 5-2 in Carolina

Zadina’s two goals not enough after goals from Carolina’s Svech and Staal, and then some other guys.

Wholesome content alert:

First Period

3 minutes in and both brothers are on the ice together :’)

Agghhhhh Zadina had a breakaway, like very much broken away, like the closest defender was on the moon, and he didn’t get a good shot off.

I know I’m going to jinx the team saying this but the Red Wings really look like a professional hockey team. Not the reverse retro uniforms but their style of play.

ZADINA REDEMPTION not that he really needed it. 1-0 Red Wings!

Adam Erne to the Bad Boy Box for tripping and Carolina Svechnikov immediately scores. Tie game 1-1.

We are looking slightly less like a professional hockey team. But not that bad.

4 minutes to go and it’s time for a Rrrrrrred Wings powerplay! Teravianan to Punishment Pen for crimes against Mantha. Penalty killed. Wings pouring on some shots now and look like they are really giving it some good tries out there.

Onward to the second!

Second Period

30 seconds in and we’re back on another Rrrrrred Wings powerplay! The Carolina Staal goes to the Criminal’s Cabana for interference against Bobby Ryan. Pooperplay.

But don’t worry gang, a few minutes later we get a third Rrrrred Wings powerplay! Pesce to the Den for Doers of Dastardly Deeds. He kicked Fabbri’s leg out from under him. From behind. On purpose. With the puck nowhere in sight. A dangerous, bullshit move and a well-deserved penalty.

Even Mickey Redmond said it would have been dirty in “Old Time Hockey”.

ZADINA! AGAIN! POWERPLAY GOAL! 2-1 Wings! Top shelf where mama keeps the cookies. And an apple for our Svech.

That’s what you get Pesce.

Our Svech celebrates Zadina’s goal by taking a trip to the Habitat for Horrible Humans and Wings are on the penalty kill just over halfway through the period. Penalty killed with much help from Bernier.

Mantha breakaway but he gets poked at just enough that he is not able channel the power of the Luke Glendening backhand. Good save from Nedeljkovic who is having a pretty good game for the Canes, unfortunately.

Let me tell you something that is the absolute truth: Adam Erne is having a great game. Noticeably in the mix doing good hockey things (and also has an apple).

You can almost set your watch to it. Red Wings give up a goal with just over a minute to go. Necas shot snapped off from pretty far away but our players make better doors than windows and the shot was well placed. Tie game 2-2.

Well, let’s end this period recap with more wholesome content courtesy of Ken Daniels story time...

Third Period

Carolina Svech almost gets another goal but Bernier says no thanks. Unfortunately, Wings don’t clear and oops 3-2 Canes in the first minute. Carolina Staal scores. The wrong brothers are scoring.

Wellllllll here we go again. Fast scores a fast 2 minutes later and and it’s 4-2 Canes.

Wings need a few more minutes to settle down and give Bernier a break. Shots are actually pretty even 29-28 Canes halfway through.

Mantha is a few steps off from getting another break, he’s having a pretty good game tonight overall.

Blash pulls Bernier with FIVE minutes to go. Empty net goal. 5-2 Canes. That’s the coffin nail folks.

But, just for funsies, another powerplay! Trocheck is imprisoned for sports crimes in the Time-out Terrarium. Powerplay killed. Game killed.

FINAL: 5-2 Canes.