Trade Alert: Red Wings Acquire Nick Leddy from the Islanders for Richard Panik and a 2021 2nd

With the expansion draft looming, Steve Yzerman attempted to take advantage of the Islanders, who were not going to protect defenseman Nick Leddy.

In exchange for Leddy, Detroit sends New York the 52nd overall pick in the 2021 draft, as well as Richard Panik. Detroit retains 50% salary on Panik for the remainder of his 2 year contract (1.375M per season).

At first I liked this deal, but I think I had an inflated view of Leddy from past seasons.

One thing that makes me really not like this deal is the fact that it makes the chance greater that Detroit exposes Troy Stecher, a player who I think is currently better than Leddy.

I’m not really sure why you make this trade to be honest. I don’t see the value to the team. You give away a 2nd round draft pick, add 1.4M in dead cap space the next two seasons, and in return you get a defenseman that’s not really an improvement to your team. Also, you add 5.5M in cap for Leddy that could have been used elsewhere.

Maybe there is more to come that will make this make more sense, but for now I’m giving this trade a big thumbs down.