Vote for Red Wings' Rookie Dylan Larkin in the NHL All-Star Game Breakaway Challenge

With the NHL All-Star Game upon us all, the league has a little contest going for the Breakaway Challenge. Fans get to vote for either Matt Duchene, Brandon Saad, or American Hero Dylan Larkin. Using the hashtag #NHLBreakawayLarkin, you can cast your vote to help get the 19-year-old rookie into the contest so he can show the world how great he is. Not that he hasn't already, but you know.

So! I'm just going to give you a bunch of my favorite Larkin GIFs I have created. You can watch them, or not. It's totally up to you. Here you go:


Obviously there are about 100 other highlights I could put in here (trust me, I counted them), but I'll spare your mobile device, or computer the treachery of loading them all. Enjoy, and go vote for this child, would you?