Watch Dominic Turgeon's Incredible Goal And Assist

The Red Wings 2014 3rd round pick Dominic Turgeon treated Portland Winterhawks fans to quite a show last night. The Winterhawks were down 4-3 to the Prince George Cougars with just over 12 minutes left in the 3rd period when their Captain came through big time and not only scored an awesome game tying goal, but then set set up an awe inspiring game winning goal.

Watch this!

Let's take a closer look at Turgeon's game tying goal.

To set up Turgeon's game tying goal, the Winterhawks had possession deep in Prince George's zone, and a few seconds before the goal, Dominic Turgeon just missed a back door goal on Ty Edmonds when Jack Daugherty sent him a bobbling pass from the halfwall. The Winterhawks keep the puck in the zone and get it deep again just a few seconds later with Rihards Bukarts (#9) and Alex Schoenborn (#22) behind the net with the puck. Dominic has a wide open slot and Schoenborn sends the puck right out to his Captain. Dom takes the shot and Edmonds makes the initial save, coming out to challenge Turgeon and also having to now deal with his defenders who realize too late that Turgeon's wide open and baring down on their goalie. Turgeon follows through on his shot, continuing to skate to the net, picks up his own rebound and chips it top corner over a sprawling Cougars defender in the crease. Tie game! There are three things I really like here. First, Turgeon sets up backdoor on the initial shot, then circles back and puts himself in perfect position to receive the pass from his mates. Second, there's no one and done on his shot from the slot, he shoots the puck then keeps skating to the net to capitalize on the rebound. It's a "simple" and logical move, and it's what he should do, but far too often we see players not do this and miss opportunities. Third, I absolutely love the fans behind the celebration huddle who are hugging and jumping for joy at their team tying the game.

With 48 seconds left in a tied game, the Winterhawks had successfully come back from a 4-2 deficit in the game and were on the verge of going ot overtime. But wait! Here comes Dom Turgeon streaking through the neutral zone! Now he's evading the Cougars forward! He's in the Cougars' zone and danced through their defense! He's still got the puck! Oh no, the falling Cougars defenseman just tripped Turgeon! Oh my god he just passed the puck on his backhand through his legs as he's going down!!! And it went right to Bukart's stick! AND HE SSCCOORREESSS!!! The Winterhawks have the lead with 48 seconds left, what an incredible rush by Turgeon!!!


With 14 goals and 32 points this season, Dominic Turgeon leads his team both on and off the stats sheet. He leads his team in points and is tied with Bukarts for team lead in goals and he's only 4 goals and 11 points away from tying his previous career highs.

Turgeon was left off Team USA's World Junior camp roster last week, but not because he's not good enough. Turgeon is the guy out there on the power play, penalty kill, on a key faceoff, and with a lead or fighting to come back from a deficit. The goal this season for the 2-way center has been to unleash more offense, and he's been doing just that.