Watch Red Wings forward Tomas Tatar dangle the puck around the ice in Go Pro: NHL After Dark

You might have seen the series by Go Pro on Youtube called "NHL After Dark" where they stick a Go Pro camera on some of the NHL's biggest stars and let them do what they do best on the ice. Yes, we know that Tomas Tatar has already had one of these about a month ago, but GUESS WHAT they gave him another one. So yes, this is new. It is not old.

The Red Wings very own Tomas Tatar took part in their most recent episode. Tatar displayed his sick hands, just deke-ing the goalie out of his pads over and over again. These are always a whole lot of fun to watch, and the dialogue in it is pretty fun, too. Check it out:

Tomas Tatar has always been a guy who seems to have a lot of fun on the ice. In the video he sheds some light on that. I was surprised to see how much puck-handling skill Tatar actually possesses after watching this video. Certainly not something you can in many NHL games, but it doesn't change how cool it is to witness.