We’re drowning in losses! Canes blow through Wings defense and we lose 2-0.

Is six straight losses even news for us anymore? At least Zadina played great!

Zadina is here! This is his third game in three days but that won’t stop him. He is starting on the second line...with Helm...and Filppula. But hey Filppula loves passing! Expect Zadina back in GR shortly once whoever comes back from injury, but it’s nice to see he got the call.

First Period

Frans with AA and LGD is the state of the Bingo Wheel and we’ll watch how it spins. The Canes are already showing how fast a team can get the puck through the neutral zone their passes are c r i s p. Ok, that’s my Ken Daniels moment I won’t say anything nice about the Canes ever again.

Zadina breaks Slavin’s ankles and sets up Filppula beautifully. We do not score, but Zadina already making the most of his time with the Wings. Jimmy’s made a few big stops so far and this is feeling like a make or break game for him to get his groove back.

Ehn is noticeable for the first time in forever as he breaks away but can’t get the pass on target to Hirose. There was an attempt. It would also be interesting if Cholowski would stop turning over the puck.

I will not be recapping any further as I am turning off the game because Mick decided we needed to watch Chris Osgood get scored on in the 2009 Finals.

Larkin is with Bertuzzi and Fabbri. Larkin, WHO WOULD NEVER, is now off to the box for high-sticking with 5:27 to go. Wings on the penalty kill! And a solid penalty kill it was even including Helm not scoring on a breakaway.

Zadina being an absolute pest to win a drawn out battle at the boards and gives Helm another great kind-of-a-breakaway chance, but another flop.

We end the period all tied up at none and shots 13-11 Canes.

You really can’t be mad about that.

Second Period

It’s all Canes the first two minutes but Jimmy is hanging in there. But there’s Zadina again giving the offense some energy. Canes get caught for Too Much Man, sort of. We end up with a center ice faceoff as the Canes player was half in the gate but got hit in the foot with the puck.

Perlini couldn’t score a goal from inside the net, another close but no go for him.

Great chemistry between Larks, Bert, and Fabbri who set up Hronek who blasts a shot and OH NO Pesce blocked it with an unfortunate part of his mid-body and immediately crumpled to the ice with agony on his face As Mick said, “that don’t tickle”. Yowch, but he appears back on the Canes bench but he may be regretting life tomorrow.

14:07 to go and Filppula is called for interference. To the penalty kill we go! Nielsen is off to the races...he does not score, but another successful penalty kill.

Halfway through and Canes take the lead 1-0 on a bit of a wacky goal, but still one Jimmy wants back. Aho shoots the puck to angle off the backboards, the puck gets in the crease, Jimmy twirls and gets some of it but can’t quite find it and Aho finishes what he started.

Fabbri drove the net and gets helped into Reimer by van Riemsdyk who then gets mad about it and kind of pushes at Bert but it’s barely a scrum.

Blash is getting a bit shouty on the bench with 2:30 to go. He’s doing that ‘yelling out of only one side of his face’ thing and looks like the generic “come on boys, freakin’ do something, i need more gum”.

We’ll head to the third only down 1-0. We did not play well, as per usual for the second, but the chance to play spoiler is well within reach.

Third Period

Jimmy kicks things off with some nice saves, shots stand 25-16 Canes. We’ve also had 17 giveaways. There isn’t really anything to say beyond that in the first half of the period, very choppy play without much to show on either end. But it’s getting intense now as the Wings pouring it on with checks notes one shot on goal in 12 minutes.

It’s boring, folks. There SHOULD have been a powerplay for us in there somewhere but why call penalties?

Five minutes to go, Jimmy made a nice save so maybe that will be inspiring or something.

Excitement! The FSD feed majorly glitches and now there is no commentary we’re listening to the game like we’re in the arena. It’s quiet. Ok now they’re back.

Three minutes and Jimmy heads to the bench. NOW A POWERPLAY! 2:27 to go and it’s now or never. Which it would have also been without the powerplay, but now it’s even more so. Net still empty and no icing of course. This is a terrible powerplay, and the Canes hit the empty net. 2-0 Canes. Final shot advantage 36-18 Canes.

IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE. We also could have won if somebody named Helm had the hands to match his speedy feet.