What Is Your First Red Wings Memory?

Similar nostalgic questions have swirled around the internet this week, now we want to hear from Red Wings fans.

For me, it was the 1993 Norris Division semi-finals. The Red Wings lost a heartbreaking game 7 in overtime when Nikolai Borshevsky redirected a Bob Rouse shot from the circle past Tim Cheveldae, advancing the Maple Leafs onto the second round vs. Brett Hull and the St.Louis Blues.

I remember the whole series vividly. Watching Don Cherry for the first time, wondering why he yelled and pointed so much. Seeing the dumbfounded expression on my dad's face when Mike Foligno scored in overtime of game 5.

But that game 7, whether it be the Doug Gilmour goal that sent it to overtime or the sad look from the Red Wings bench, sparked my wonderment with hockey that's never left.

This simple question was first put in the context of 'what major news event do you first remember as a child' from Twitter user Miz_Rosenberg, then went viral. Deadspin picked the question up and spun it off into "what's your earliest sports memory?".

Now, we at WIIM would like to know, what is your first memory of the Red Wings or even just the game of hockey itself?

It been a tough week, nostalgia is always comforting. Let us know in the comment section!