Who is the Best Hall of Famer from the 2002 Red Wings team?

Monday night Nicklas Lidstrom and Sergei Fedorov were inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. That means two more players from the 2001-02 Red Wings team are now enshrined with the greats and it brings the official half of fame count from that team up to nine.

Randomly, my current boss, a former big wig from Fox Sports Detroit, asked me to rank the hall of famers from the 2002 Stanley Cup winning squad. Keep in mind, my boss is not a hockey guy. He continually says that if there was an NHL game going in his back yard, he'd draw the blinds. So naturally, I took the chance to force him to talk hockey and make him discuss the game.

He gave me the criteria that the ranking had to be strictly the players' NHL careers. International accomplishments couldn't be factored in. In addition, it's just players. No coaches. Scotty Bowman is not eligible (and if he was, he should be a unanimous #1). Potential hall of famer Pavel Datsyuk is also not eligible since he's still playing and, well, isn't in the hall of fame (yet).

The players: Chris Chelios, Sergei Fedorov, Dominik Hasek, Brett Hull, Igor Larionov, Nicklas Lidstrom, Luc Robitaille, Brendan Shanahan and Steve Yzerman

Again the ranking is based ONLY on NHL careers; no international play should be accounted for.

Here are my rankings

  1. Lidstrom
  2. Yzerman
  3. Hasek
  4. Fedorov
  5. Hull
  6. Chelios
  7. Shanahan
  8. Robitaille
  9. Larionov

Now I want to turn it over to all of you. In the list below, give a player a thumbs up if you think he belongs higher on the list and a thumbs down if you want to drive him lower. Your collective votes will reorder this until we have a consensus reached on all nine current Hall of Fame players from that 2001-02 Red Wings squad.

Detroit Red Wings Coach