WIIM Mailbag: Answering Your Analytics Questions

Hey everyone,

Thanks to all of you that contributed great questions yesterday. I tried to get to as many questions as I could! The video is below and beneath that are all the articles that I reference throughout the recording. If you have any follow-up questions, please feel free to tweet at me @iyer_prashanth, DM me, or post in the comments here and I'll try to check back in today periodically to answer your questions.

Timestamps for each question:

Intro: beginning

People to follow (other than those in the intro) 10:30

Quality of competition / Quality of Teammates 18:00

Which stats do I prefer? (relative stats) 29:06

HERO Charts: 40:10

What stats would you keep with unlimited resources? 46:30

What is the eye test?: 52:30

Why is Brendan Smith good and Jakub Kindl bad? 59:25

Why was Joakim Andersson used this past season? 1:07:07

Can you justify the Steve Ott signing? 107:50

How does Andreas Athanasiou look from an analytic standpoint? 1:09:27

Who is a Red Wing analytic darling besides Brendan Smith? 1:14:40

What are your beers of choice? 1:18:50


Intro to Corsi, Score-Effects, and Predictiveness

General Overview of Corsi - by Jen Lute Costella (@RegressedPDO)

Neutral Zone Score-Effects - Garik16 (@garik16)

Score-Adjusted Corsi For - Micah Blake McCurdy (@IneffectiveMath)

Data Collection - Trackers to follow on Twitter







Websites to Use:






hockey-graphs.com - NOTE: check out the About Our Authors page for more great people to follow!

Quality of Competition and Quality of Teammates

Quality of competition (TOI%) - Eric Tulsky (@NHLEricT)

Quality of competition (CF%) - Eric Tuslky (@NHLEricT)

Relationship between competition and observed results - petbugs13 (@petbugs13)

Quality of competition (points) - Dom Luszczyszyn (@omgitsdomi)

Quality of teammates and competition - Garret Hohl (@garrethohl)

Distribution of quality of teammates and quality of competition - Conor Tompkins (@Null_HHockey)

Zone Starts

Zone Starts Part I - Matt Cane (@CaneMatt)

Zone Starts Part II - Matt Cane (@CaneMatt)

HERO Charts

HERO Chart FAQ (note: for previous version) - Domenic Galamini (@MimicoHero)

HERO Charts

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