WIIM Predicts: The Second Round NHL Playoffs

We didn’t do so hot for the play-in round, but now we’re all warmed up on our predictions and lemme tell you folks it’s bad news that they let me write this one because I was the best predictor and so I’m ridin’ high on that victory.  Mike did a good job of also getting let down by one stupid team, but I got two more series on the nose than he did PLUS I correctly predicted the Rangers would win the draft lottery.

J.J. - 7 out of 8 (5 perfect)
Mike - 7 out of 8 (3 perfect)
Peter - 6 out of 8 (0 perfect... wait really?)
Prashanth - 5 out of 8 (4 perfect)
Sara - 1 out of 8 (ouch)
Rob -
Jamie - 5 out of 8 (2 perfect)

Stupid-ass Hurricanes ruining my perfect predictions...

Best Prediction from the First Round:

I’m going to give this to Sara whose one correct prediction was Philly over Montreal, which she had to do despite a very strong streak of just picking contrary. Her prediction was “We’ve already lost a bunch of “superstars” to elimination don’t take away Gritty too.”  This is pretty fitting, since I’ve seen some old nerd hockey writers complaining about how all the game’s big names are out and how awful that is for a league that doesn’t know how to promote more than seven people.

Eastern Conference

Philadelphia (1) vs NY Islanders (7)

Took the Flyers:
J.J. (6) - This one is really tough, but I think the Flyers scorers actually wake up at some point.
Sara (6) - What kind of team loses a game to Montreal? The Flyers channel that humiliation into greatness.

Took the Isles:
Peter (6) - I would have taken the Flyers before their performance against the Canadiens.
Rob (7) - This feels like a “war of attrition” series and the Isles just feel like the team of destiny right nowPrashanth (6) - Barry Trotz is on a mission to set the NHL back 20 years.
Mike (7) - Oof, tough one to call. Going with the Isles just because the Flyers struggled at times with the rugged style of Montreal and the Isles are all that, plus more.
Jamie Z. (7) - I think the Isles are well coached, disciplined and the toughest team to play against from a defensive standpoint — they’re basically a much better version of Columbus.
Josh (7) - Isles take this one because we can’t have fun

Tampa Bay (2) vs Boston (4)

Took the Bolts:
Sara ( 5) - I hate Boston.
Prashanth (5) - Boston sucks.
Rob (6) - In no universe can I pick the Bruins to win, plus Tampa is really good
Mike (6) - Boston has only played well against a Carolina team that transformed into a hot mess. Tampa hasn’t always been sensational, but they’re steady.
Jamie (6) - When Boston has the big line going, they’re hard to beat. But, Tampa exercised their demons with Columbus and now I think they’re primed to go on a deep run.
Peter (5) - I think the last series for Tampa is going to be the catalyst to get them to the finals, at least.
Josh (6) - Boston woke up against Canes but Tampa out to prove something this year

Took the Bruins:
J.J. (6) - Prove me wrong, Tyler Johnson. You fish-faced dork.

Western Conference

Las Vegas (1) vs Vancouver (7)

Took the Knights:
Prashanth (6) - Go ahead and chalk it up - 27 years without a Stanley Cup, Canada.
J.J. (6) - I made this prediction before knowing the opponent. Vegas is going to dummy these losers
Sara (5) - Goodbye Canada.
Jamie Z. (6) - Vancouver was impressive in their first round series beating St. Louis. However, they were down 3-1 in Game 5 and it took some Travis Green mastery to get them back on track. I think Vegas has too much depth for the younger Canucks squad to overcome.
Rob (6) - I really wanted to pick Vancouver because they are so fun to watch, but Vegas is too deep a team for them right now

Took the Nucks:
Peter (6) - Every round there is a series that I am sure will go one way, and it goes the other way. I’m sure Vegas will win here.
Mike (7) - The Canucks just punted the Blues with little drama. I don’t think they care that other teams have more experience or are, you know, better than them.
Josh (6) - Young team with underdog expectations have nothing to lose

Colorado (2) vs Dallas (3)

Took the Avs:
J.J. (7) - Every game in this series is either going to feature ten combined goals or three..
Prashanth (5) - Nathan MacKinnon is on another level right now.
Mike (6) - The Alberta of the US topped the Texas of Canada last round while the Avs beat the Maple Leafs of Arizona, so this one is anybody’s call.
Peter (4) - Colorado is just too good for an inconsistent Dallas team.
Rob (6) - Dallas has looked better of late but the Avs are really starting to roll now
Jamie Z. (6) - I think Colorado is just too fast and skilled for anybody right now. The combination of Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin and Alexander Radulov will need to get going if the Stars want any chance in this series.
Josh (5) - I hate knowing how good the Avs are again. Can’t understate what chasing Kuemper from the net in back to back games to end series means.

Took the Stars:
Sara (7) - Why the Stars? Great question, let me know if anyone has an answer other than “to be contrary”