WIIM Radio: Early August Edition

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Welcome to another edition of WIIM Radio. We've got a bit of a full house on this one with me, Kyle, Graham, Michelle, and Joe. In this episode, we've got a bunch to cover. Here's what we ended up taking on:

  1. The Scraps of Red Wings News - Ericsson, Sheahan, and Abdelkader stories out within the last two weeks gave us plenty to talk about where guys fit, what their expectations are, and what we'd be comfortable with contract-wise.
  2. The NHL/MLBAM Deal - The $1.2B streaming/website deal that the NHL entered into with MLB's streaming providers should make things better for the fans... should. We also get into the financials of the deal a bit.
  3. The Legal Issues - The Kane stuff is hard to talk about. The Mike Richards stuff not so much.
  4. Western Conference Preview - maybe next time
  5. Prospects Report - Michelle updates us on the Traverse City tournament coming up and previews the forwards expected to be playing.
  6. Reader Questions - Find out whether I would eat an entire bag of avocados to make the hockey season start right now.

Thanks for listening and LGRW!