WIIM Radio Mailbag: 25th Straight Edition

Welcome to the pre-playoff nerves. We'll be right there with you. To help pass some time between now and Wednesday night, we'll be recording a new WIIM Radio tonight to go over all the goings-on with the Wings since last we talked. We'll have plenty.

  • The Playoffs - The Wings are in. They're barely in, but they're in and now anything can happen. What needs to happen for the team to be successful?
  • The Roster Decisions - AA is still playing paltry minutes, Mantha is in Grand Rapids in favor of Andersson, Smith is sitting and we've got plenty of reason to worry about what exactly the plan is. We'll go over this in-depth.
  • More about Datsyuk - Datsyuk told Mitch Albom he wants to leave. Pavs' agent didn't close the door on staying. Ken Holland says he won't trade Pavs. What's going on?
  • Prospects Report - The Griffins are in and trying to figure out positioning. Mantha will be back with them for the time being. Michelle will run us down the pipeline.
  • Reader Questions - You ask, we answer. Give us all your best questions in the comments below and everything we haven't already answered will get the go-over in everybody's favorite segment. /

- - -

We'll record late tonight and should be able to post tomorrow morning. Get your questions in before about 10pm ET and they'll get on the show. Thanks and LGRW!