WIIM Radio Mailbag: Early December Edition

Welcome to another WIIM Radio mailbag post. Here, we ask you all to help us with our upcoming blog episode by feeding us all the questions that are on the fans' minds. Think of it as our safety net to make sure an important topic doesn't get glossed over. Think of it as our safety net to make sure an uncomfortable FMK doesn't get missed.

We'll be recording this week's episode of WIIM Radio tonight and will be accepting questions right up until about 11pm ET. Here's a quick rundown of topics we've got.

  1. The Week that Was - Both the Wings and Griffins have been hot lately. Detroit earned three straight wins last week (though two more went to extra time) while the Griffins have run their win streak to eight straight. Things are looking up.
  2. Latest News - The Coyotes hurt both Teemu Pulkkinen and Drew Miller during the Wings' 5-1 Wings over the desert dogs on Thursday. Both will miss 6-8 weeks. What does this mean for the roster? Who should get the chances opened up by these injuries? Which Wings player should go to the ASG? How's the goalie tandem looking?
  3. Prospects Report - As mentioned, the Griffins are hot, so Michelle will run us through how that's gone down. Also, the World Junior Championships camp rosters are coming out so we'll have a rundown on participants from the Wings' prospects pool.
  4. Reader Questions - All that stuff I said up above about how we rely on you all to keep asking us great questions for us to go over? Here's where you get a chance to shine.
  5. The Week Ahead - The Wings take on Washington, Montreal, and New Jersey this week. We'll take a look at the matchups and go over what it's going to take to get six points.

Thanks all and LGRW!