WIIM Radio Mailbag: Early March Panic Edition

Welcome to the WIIM Radio mailbag, the only pre-podcast mailbag post anywhere in the world. Somebody else should really think to copy this idea, but to my knowledge, it's ours and ours alone. We'll be recording WIIM Radio late tonight and here's the rundown of topics:

  • Getting Beaten Twice by Chicago - Ordinarily called 'The Week that Was", the Wings only had two games and both were against the same bunch of shitheels from our old division. We'll work through our feelings over these and maybe come to a breakthrough.
  • The Playoff Picture/The Push/The Plan - Sunday's loss brought a lot of feelings about killing the streak and how the Wings should go about getting out of the doldrums in which they seem to be stuck. We'll probably argue a lot about this.
  • Prospects Report - Michelle will run us through sunnier climes, as the Griffins are hot again, Svechnikov rules, and other prospects are doing stuff that doesn't make us mad as well.
  • Reader Questions - Here's where you come in. Hit us up with your best questions and we'll answer them (provided we haven't already done so). Ask good questions and you'll get good answers. Ask shit about ducks and machetes and you'll probably still get good answers. We're good at answering things.
  • The Road Ahead: The Wings have a busy month of March and four more games before we get together again. We'll gaze into our crystal balls (heh) and tell you what we see./

- - -

We start recording around 10pm ET, so if you get your questions in before 11 there's a real good chance we answer it. If you post a question in here tomorrow then I'm going to assume you didn't read this sentence calling you a dummy.