WIIM Radio Mailbag: Ides of March Edition

Welcome to another WIIM Radio mailbag. Your crew will be recording our latest episode tonight, so we need your questions for the mailbag segment. No topics outline for this one, as I feel it's pretty obvious what we're going to be talking about and it's fairly easy to guess how the tone of things is going to go. What we need from all of you is a host of really great questions to get us through.

On the bright side, we'll have a special prospects report in this one and the Griffins are once again on a winning tear so the news all over isn't as dour as they are at the top.

Recording starts around 10pm ET, so as long as you get your questions in before then, there's a real good chance you'll get an answer from us. Nothing is off the table, so be sure to ask us about Trading Jimmy Howard again.