WIIM Radio Mailbag: October 12

The season is underway and so is the in-season WIIM Radio schedule!

Welcome to another week of WIIM Radio. Now that the season has started, the plan is to run these on a weekly schedule. This should help us keep more on top of things and also help us keep the runtime of these things below four hours.

As such, we've got plenty to talk about since the last time we were on the air. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Setting the Roster - The Wings got 23-man compliant on Tuesday and then had to make some tweaks before the games arrived. We'll talk about who made the team, who didn't, and who's still injured. We'll also try to finally put the topic we're all kind of sick of talking about to bed.
  • Opening Night vs. the Leafs - The Wings couldn't have asked for a better season opener. We'll talk about how everything went down, the player intros, the Babs stuff, and more.
  • Saturday Night vs. the Hurricanes - This one is probably a more-interesting story going forward than beating the Leafs was. Detroit was heartily outplayed but came out with a win thanks to Petr Mrazek and some key coaching maneuvers. We'll discuss how troubling the game was and how promising it was too.
  • Overall Impressions - Here, we'll try to talk about more than just Dylan Larkin and Justin Abdelkader, though that might prove difficult.
  • Prospects Report - Michelle will be joining to clue us in about the start of the Griffins's season and what it means for them having lost back-to-back in Bakersfield. We'l also go over the non-AHL prospects in the pipeline.
  • Reader Questions - One of my favorite parts of the show is answering reader questions. That's where you come in below. Send us your mailbag questions in the comments and we'll go over them on the air as we go. If we don't get to the topic in the episode, this part keeps us honest.
  • The Week Ahead - The Wings will play 3 games this week. We'll try to predict the winners.

Go ahead and put your questions below and we'll get ready to get them answered. Thanks and LGRW.