WIIM Radio Mailbag: Playoff Push Edition

Welcome to another WIIM Radio mailbag. We'll have a crew going tonight to talk all things Wings for publish tomorrow (provided all goes according to plan). The Wings are back in a playoff spot, though it's still a bit of a tentative one, and we should be able to find nice things to say about them this week after last week's kind of dour recording.

Things aren't all hunky-dory though, as the Wings' control over their own destiny is razor-thin and positively requires that they beat the Flyers in the season series finale between the two teams currently racing for the last spot. Our hottest goal scorer is currently Luke Glendening, and our most-promising kids aren't getting much ice time late. We'll go over all that.

In the prospects side of things, the Griffins suffered their first loss in what feels like forever on Sunday, but continue to make a strong push towards locking up a playoff spot of their own. Meanwhile, the juniors seasons are ending and the European playoffs are already in full swing.

Most-importantly though, we need reader questions from all of you for our favorite segment. Leave a question in the comments below and we'll give you an answer (time-permitting, of course).

Recording starts late on Monday night, so if you get your questions in before 10pm ET or so, there's a good chance we'll get to it. If you ask on Tuesday, I'll just copy and paste this segment into my reply to you. Thanks and LGRW!