WIIM Radio Mailbag: Post All-Star Break Edition

Welcome to another WIIM Radio mailbag post, where we recruit you fine commenters to help us out. Last week, your questions led to a real heated debate over tiny men holding machetes, so good job on that front, folks. Here's a rundown of our topics.

  • The All-Star break that was - With no games since our last episode, we've got an entire All-Star break to cover, including the awesome John Scott story and Dylan Larkin's record-breaking speed run.
  • Speaking of Larkin - We could dedicate an entire hour to talking about the kid and we just might do that.
  • Wings news out of the break - There's not a ton of news to go over, but Kronwall and Sheahan are worth talking about as the Wings prepare to restart the season.
  • Trying to project final standings - Will the Atlantic race stay so tight all season?
  • Prospects Report - Michelle will run us down all the goings-on with the suddenly-struggling Griffins and the AHL All-Star Game.
  • Reader questions - Go ahead and ask us anything in the comments below. If we haven't covered it already, this is a great way to make sure we don't skip over the topic you want to hear about .
  • The week ahead - Lots of hockey action ahead. We'll preview the games.

We'll be recording late tonight, so get your questions in all day. Thanks and LGRW!