WIIM Radio Mailbag: Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

Welcome back to another Monday edition of the WIIM Radio mailbag. As usual, we'll be recording late tonight with the aim of releasing the episode early tomorrow. Here's a brief rundown we'll go over:

  • Latest Red Wings News - Landon Ferraro is a Bruin now, so I'm sure we'll discuss how that all went down, as well as the relative health of the Wings and their roster. We're also just shy of reaching that mythical mile marker known as American Thanksgiving and the Wings are 3rd in the Atlantic. How good are we?
  • The Week that Was - Since we last met, the Wings went 2-0-1 against the Capitals (OTL), the Kings (W), and the Blues (OTW). Let's talk about how that makes us feel.
  • Prospects Report - Michelle will have a special guest on for this report as we go over a Griffins team that's figuring out how to win again and our European/CHL prospects.
  • Reader Questions - The whole point of this post, we need you to weigh in with your questions in the comments below. As we go down the rundown, we'll make sure to go over any questions we haven't already touched on. You folks ask some real great questions so keep 'em coming in!
  • The Week Ahead - Detroit will play Boston, Edmonton, and Florida before we meet again for another WIIM Radio, plus we'll maybe talk about Thanksgiving.

- - -

Go ahead and get your questions in below and LGRW!