WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Going-the-Social-Distance Edition

We’ve blown past the end of what was supposed to be the regular season and the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and find ourselves separated by at least six feet from one another with no hockey to talk about but plenty of things to say.

We’ll be recording a new episode of WIIM Radio tonight with the plan of releasing it tomorrow. Topics are going to be kind of all over the place, but we’ll be covering what we think of the possibilities of finishing the season/playoffs, how hockey will move forward, and of course our concerns (if any) about the draft lottery.

We’ll also be reminding you to vote in Helmerroids’ 7th annual DRW Awards:

The biggest thing is that we’ll be reading our mailbag questions, and that’s the part we need your help with, providing the questions!

Hit up the comments section with the biggest questions on your mind and we’ll get those answered. Thanks and LGRW!