WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Stabbing Westward Edition

Welcome to the newest WIIM Radio mailbag! We’ll be recording a new episode late tonight and need your assistance in making it as much fun as our last episode.  Speaking of which, we had a lot of fun starting out with the mailbag and I think we’re going to do that again after a short lap around the stuff we want to make sure we cover.

This is where you come in: hit us up in the comments with whatever question(s) you want to make sure we cover, from the very important stuff (what’s your favorite line from the Ducktales theme song) to the silly (what makes the power play work when it does work?). We’ll go through and give thoughtful, thorough answers.

As a note, I do intend to talk about the Don Cherry thing.

Get your questions in before late tonight and be on the lookout for the new episode to drop later in the week. Thanks and LGRW!