WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Strong Finish Edition

Welcome to our last WIIM Radio Mailbag of the 2018-19 regular season. We took a bit of a hiatus with not much to talk about, but as the Wings finish out the season strong, we’ll have lots to get into. Here’s a rundown of topics:

The Tank vs. The Culture: we’ll try not to dwell on this argument too long, since the fanbase has been doing it for weeks now, but it IS the hottest topic in Wings land and it will give us an opportunity to gush over how the Wings are being led by a bunch of wonderful children.

The Future and the Rebuild: Seems only natural to transition into discussions of next season and beyond for where the Wings stand. Probably a good time to talk the Blashill extension too.

Playoff Predictions: We still don’t know who’s all making the playoffs, but I’m not waiting on all those other jerk teams to make guesses on what’s going to happen in the postseason. You’ll get the stone cold locks straight from us.

Reader Questions: Your favorite segment and mine - you ask the best questions and we give you at least the third-best answers.

We’ll be recording late this evening, so get your questions in and be ready for the download to be available early tomorrow morning. Thanks an  LGRW!