WIIM Radio Mailbag: The wake me up when October ends edition

Welcome back to the only mailbag that matters! We’ll be recording a new episode of WIIM Radio tonight to get out for your earholes and to satisfy that all things Wings itch living in them. Here’s what we’ll get up to:

The Wings of Late: One-game winning streak, baby!

The Svetch-Up/Svetch-Down: We got a very brief glimpse of Evgeny Svechnikov with the big team playing limited minutes before being sent down... but the timing of the send-down is rubbing some the wrong way. What is it in the organization that makes them pull kids out of games that would be meaningful for them?

The Yzermandate Update: How are we feeling in regards to the “trust the process” thing now that the Wings are where they are this season (which looks eerily similar to where they were last season?)

Coach or Captain: I’ve got a dumb hypothetical to talk about in regards to how the team has been playing. I think I know the answer, but I want to give my linemates the opportunity to once again prove they’re smarter than I am.

Reader Questions: You know the drill by now. You ask the questions burning at the base of your mind and we’ll put the fire out with our fountain of knowledge.

Recording is late tonight so get your questions in and LGRW!