WIIM Radio Mailbag Time - End of August Edition

Two weeks since our last WIIM Radio recording and we're sneaking ever closer to the beginning of the Wings' season. We're not to a point where the Prospects Tournament is literally around the corner, but we can see it approaching the corner. We should be getting roster news on that soon.

With that in mind, we'll have a new episode of WIIM Radio out this week that we'll be recording tonight. We've got some news to go over, but this one is probably going to be a pretty fan-question heavy episode. That's where we'll need you to help out. Here's the topic list.

  1. The Robbie Russo Signing
  2. Love Zetterberg (and also his son!)
  3. Johan Franzen's instagram
  4. The definitive digger ranking
  5. Western Conference Preview
  6. Reader Questions

That last spot is where you come in. If you've got a burning question, please drop it in the comments below and we'll go over any that we haven't already covered and aren't brutally awful questions. Knowing us, you know that our threshold for brutally awful questions doesn't mean anything anyway. Ask away!