WIIM Radio Mailbag: Twas a few nights before Christmas

Ho ho hey there you beautiful folks. We're back to open up the mailbag one more time for a recording of WIIM radio going down tonight. Hopefully the Wings will give us plenty of holiday cheer to go into the break with. Here's a quick rundown of topics:

  • The Jersey game - Since we're recording right after it ends, this game will dominate much of our early discussion and could possibly set the tone for the entire episode. No pressure or anything.
  • The week that was - A scarce schedule doesn't mean we don't have plenty to discuss about the loss to Vancouver and the win over Calgary in terms of what that means for the Wings.
  • Red Wings news - So Ouellet and Nosek got the callups before the roster freeze, Tvrdon got his walking papers, and the Atlantic is getting pretty tight at the top.
  • Prospects Report - Michelle takes us through the still-red-hot Griffins and the WJCs to go over all the Red Wings prospect news.
  • Reader Questions - The most important part of this whole post, the part where we ask you to help us out with the show. Put your questions for us in the comments below and we'll make sure we go over them. Ask us anything!

- - -

Like I said, we'll be recording after the Jersey game, so we'll take questions right up until we get to the reader questions portion of the show. Thanks and LGRW!