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WIIM Radio Mailbag: Week of October 18

Another episode of WIIM Radio coming up and we’ve got another mailbag to load us up with questions to answer. Here’s this week’s rundown for the episode we’ll be recording tonight and posting on Tuesday:

  • Latest News – Johan Franzen’s symptoms have returned, Dan Cleary is going to report to Grand Rapids, Danny DeKeyser is healthy, and Datsyuk is getting there. We’ll go over all of it as it affects the team.
  • The Week that Was – Detroit beat Tampa on Tuesday and then ran back-to-back losses at home against Carolina and then on the road in Montreal. We’ll go over what went right and wrong during these three games.
  • Overall Impressions – So with five games in the bag and two losses, what’s got to change for the Wings? They’re getting outshot very badly and not limiting shots. Any ideas? How much can we blame the dumb schedule so far? At least Dylan Larkin is fun to watch.
  • Prospects Report – The Griffins haven’t done well to start their season, but there are bright spots in our pipeline right now. Michelle will go over all of the news we’ve got.
  • Reader Questions – Here’s where you come in. Ask us anything in the comments below and if we haven’t covered it by the time we get here, we’ll get yours answered.
  • The Week Ahead – We’ll look at the Western Canada road trip coming up and find the bright spots coming up.

Thanks all and LGRW!

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