WIIM Radio: November Hump Day Edition

You might have noticed that we didn't do a WIIM Radio mailbag on Monday. We have a very good reason. That reason is that we didn't record a WIIM Radio on Monday. We were all too emotional from the Hall of Fame ceremony for Sergei Fedorov and Nicklas Lidstrom to concentrate. We've collected ourselves enough to do one now though.

Here's the rundown:

  • The Hall of Fame - Another two members of the greatest NHL squad to ever grace the ice went into the Hall of Fame this week as Sergei Fedorov and Nicklas Lidstrom, who were both with the Wings for the 2001-02 cup run were inducted. We'll talk lots and lots about that.
  • Latest News - Pavel Datsyuk is set to return and Andreas Athanasiou may have to be sent back down. Do we want that? I mean, of course we want Datsyuk to return, but AA has been good. What to do with the defense?
  • The Week that Was - Don't look now, but Detroit has won four out of their last five games. How good have they really been though?
  • Prospects Report - We'll talk a bit about the Flint Firebirds debacle and then Michelle will take us through Griffins and other prospects news.
  • Reader Questions - This is why we're here. We need you to keep feeding us great questions to answer in my favorite part of the show. If we haven't already covered it, we'll discuss whatever you want to ask us.
  • The Week Ahead - the Wings still have two more games this week against San Jose and Boston, then play Ottawa on Monday. We'll give our predictions.

- - -

Get your questions in and stay tuned for our newest episode of WIIM Radio recording tonight. Thanks and LGRW!