WIIM Radio: Podcast for 25 November

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The Red Wings are at the quarter-pole for the season and we're starting to see some trends emerge both with the team and in the league. Join us tonight at 10pm EST as we discuss all that and probably not any stuff about our personal lives because that shit is boring.

You'll be able to listen and participate live starting at showtime over at our Blogtalk Radio page. If you've got a topic or question you want answered, please let us know in the comments.

If you're unable to listen in live, we'll have the episode available to download or streaming pretty soon after it's finished airing, both on this page and over at iTunes (isn't the future a wonderful time to be alive?). Here's our rough show outline for tonight (subject to change):

  1. Introduction/roll-call - This is where we'll tell everybody who is participating so you'll know which dumb voice is saying which dumb thing you hate. We'll keep personal anecdotes to a minimum, but MIGHT ask each other how things are going.
  2. How the Red Wings are playing so far - Not only will we do basic stuff like read off the standings, but we'll get into a detailed analysis of why the standings look like they do. Some fancystats may be thrown around, so I suggest parental guidance.
  3. Individual player grades - Which players are standing out so far? Which ones need to step it up? In this exciting segment of our episode, we'll talk about all of our favorite players and then will likely respect each other slightly less as we find that our opinions don't sync up perfectly. We might also ask Kyle why he hates Luke Glendening.
  4. Coaching/Systems analysis - Nobody knows what this means.
  5. Observations from around the league - Did you know that Milan Lucic is a big ol' diaper-baby? Did you know that Jim Nill traded a guy for a right-shooting defenseman? Were you aware that the Western Conference continued existing after Detroit relocated to the East? All of this and more as the Red Wings look globally at the world of hockey in North America. Ole mi bonjour, mein frent!
  6. Freestyle rap battle - may or may not actually happen.
  7. Looking ahead at the schedule/predictions - Together, we'll form a supercomputer of such vast power and complexity that we'll be able to see into the future and tell you with absolute certainty what is to come. We'll use that power only for hockey predictions and will probably lie just to keep you from telling the government about us. We don't want to be experimented on.
  8. Final thoughts - A 90-minute segment.

Tune in live tonight at 10!