WIIM Shirts: Hockeystad v2.0 Now Available. Ladies V-Neck and Hoodies for Sale Too!

We've got some great news for you today. Thanks to rigorous testing of our old favorite design and some extra cool stuff on the back end of the process from our friends over at Gameday Depot, we're proud to roll out our new and improved classic: the Hockeystad 2.0 shirt is here and it is great!

Even better, it's now available in two new styles as well, a ladies v-neck and even a hoodie. Check these out:


The design change is fairly small, but our own design guru Josh Howard noticed that the different inks would wear differently. The new design fixes that. If you're rocking the vintage 1.0, you still look beautiful in it (trust me, I asked around). If you're looking to upgrade or want the design on a comfy warm Hanes hoodie, we've got you covered.

You can pick up the Hockeystad 2.0 t-shirt and v-neck at our store right here

You can get the hoodie here

As a note, you've also got a couple of options for the regular tee. The cart defaults to the premium ring-spun cotton, which is way more luxurious and also sexier. You can save a tad by going with the economy cotton tee instead. You'll still look sexy, just a little less-luxurious.

If you're looking for any of our other designs, we've still got the Me Gusta(v), Young Guns, TPH Banner, and the old classic WIIM Logo tee. We'll have a few other designs rolling out as the season goes along too. Thanks, and LGRW!