WIIM Staff Predictions: Stanley Cup Final

SB Nation 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket

Three rounds up; three rounds down. Just one more to go.

Despite the fact that there were only two series to predict in the third round, the WIIM staff kind of went tits up here. Not a single person correctly predicted the winner of both series and three of us (myself included) bonked it hard on both predictions. Magically, five of the seven people who got only one right actually picked the correct number of games too.

This probably explains why the collective answers were both wrong.

Graham stays atop our leaderboard for predictions, hitting 10 of the 14 total series so far, half of them in the correct number of games. Jeff is just behind with 9 correct series. Tyler and Kyle have 8 each, but for percentage correct, WingedOctopus is ahead of both of them. He wasn't on staff for the first round of predictions, but he's hit 4 of 6 since. Michelle was our leader after the first round, but she's hit only one correct prediction since. She's tied with Joseph, but has more correct numbers guesses.

Christian has hit only six correct predictions and the right number only twice. I'd flip him a lot of shit about this, but I have the same number of series predictions and none in the correct number of games. I'm really fucking bad at this. Fortunately, David's 2/6 is worse than my 43% so at least I'm not in last place!

Let's get to predicting the next round, shall we?

Stanley Cup Finals

New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings



J.J. Seven Games
Six Games
Jeff Seven Games
Five Games
Six Games
Christian Six Games
Seven Games
Kyle Six Games
Five Games
WingedOctopus Six Games

Collective Answer: Stuff


Conn Smythe Winner
J.J. Henrik Lundqvist
Graham Drew Doughty
Jeff Anze Kopitar
Tyler Drew Doughty
Michelle Henrik Lundqvist
Christian Henrik Lundqvist
Joseph Anze Kopitar
Kyle Henrik Lundqvist
David Drew Doughty
WingedOctopus Henrik Lundqvist

There we have it, a group of monkeys flinging poo at a dartboard to see what sticks.