WIIM Summer Photo Caption Contest 2015: Achariya Is a Red Wings Fan


It's always a special day when someone becomes a fan of the Detroit Red Wings. Probably second only to the birth of a child in terms of momentous occasions of discovery and creation, it's a time to celebrate when someone realizes that they can't live without the presence of the Winged Wheel in their lives. They join a tradition unlike any other, rooting for the most successful American franchise in NHL history.

Today, we welcome another into the legion of Red Wings fans nation-wide. Skip the rules if you already know them, and welcome our newest member.

If you're new to the WIIM Summer Photo Caption contest, it's very simple. That banner picture at the top? Write a comment about it. Give it a caption. Use words. Use pictures. Use .gifs. Use Microsoft Paint. Use whatever you can come up with to create the best caption you can. Make it funny. Make it clever. Make it memorable. Make it fun.

Now we get to the really fun part. You'll see a lot of other people captioning the photo. If you like what they did, give it a rec! We'll be doing this weekly, so whoever has the most recs by 11:59 P.M. on Tuesday will be declared the winner in next week's caption contest post. And since we're so generous here at Winging It in Motown, we've even decided to let you keep the pride you gain if you're lucky enough to win.

Don't forget that you're not limited to one entry. Write as many captions as you can come up with! And remember: Staff can and are highly encouraged to participate, but only the commenters are eligible for the fleeting internet fame.

Who's this week's winner of fleeting internet fame? Come on down, Achariya!

where our sustenance will consist of hours of Pavel Datsyuk on Youtube.
blush er, get out of my browser history! I…I’m a Tampa fan, I am!

Of course you are, Achariya. We all know you're a Red Wings fan. Just admit it already. Someone's already gotten you a jersey, I'm sure. Maybe next time you'll do the smart thing and erase your browser history. But it's ok this time, or else we wouldn't have found out.

Let's celebrate, and let's caption some more photos! Happy captioning!