WIIM Summer Photo Caption Contest 2015: Do Something, Kenny

The 2015 edition of NHL Free Agency apparently missed the memo that it was supposed to be entertaining. So it seems as though August has come early this offseason, and while we wait for Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland to do something about the roster logjams, he has way too much to do it in so we're still left waiting for October.

No matter. We have a photo caption contest to tide ourselves over until then.

If you're new to the WIIM Summer Photo Caption contest, it's very simple. That banner picture at the top? Write a comment about it. Give it a caption. Use words. Use pictures. Use .gifs. Use Microsoft Paint. Use whatever you can come up with to create the best caption you can. Make it funny. Make it clever. Make it memorable. Make it fun.

Now we get to the really fun part. You'll see a lot of other people captioning the photo. If you like what they did, give it a rec! We'll be doing this weekly, so whoever has the most recs by 11:59 P.M. on Tuesday will be declared the winner in next week's caption contest post. And since we're so generous here at Winging It in Motown, we've even decided to let you keep the pride you gain if you're lucky enough to win.

And remember: Staff can and are highly encouraged to participate, but only the commenters are eligible for the fleeting internet fame.

Who's this week's winner of fleeting internet fame? Come on down, Brion!

Creating the picture perfect view for Dan Cleary's new 8 year contract.

So help me, we are coming after you, Brion, if this comes true.

Let another week of captioning commence! Happy captioning!