WIIM Summer Photo Caption Contest: Week 11

3 weeks until hockey

Last week's photo elicited quite a few.... shall we say... spunky captions, but alas there can be only one who goes all the way to the finish line first.

Nuncio#7 whipped this caption out and waved it around with pride, and hey, everyone loved it.


"Visors... The only thing keeping Semin out of ovechkin's eyes."

Now, what could these two silly gooses geese ducks be thinking?

You know how this works.

Post your funny, witty, creative captions for the header image. You may use words, pictures, .gifs, and any other creative genius you come up with, Each rec a caption receives is a vote, so if you like a caption, rec it... rec it good. Whichever caption receives the most votes is the winner.