WIIM’s BOLD Predictions 2021

We’re so close to the 2020-21 season that will still officially be called that, despite none of the games from this season being played in 2020 that it’s time to dust off the ol’ WIIM tradition of being awfully, terribly, horribly wrong about guessing what’s going to happen.

Last year... well we certainly didn’t predict any of THIS [waves furiously in every direction] back in the days of October 2019, but there were some good ones. The best of those was Jack predicting the Bolts would win the cup.  My personal favorite wrong prediction was when I said Edmonton will win a playoff round.

2019-20 Bold Predictions: Team Tarot Hirose
2019-20 Bold Prediction: Team Berniervoyant

We’re going to do things slightly different this year, as each of us is only doing three and we’re not collecting the trash talk before we post; instead we’ll let all of you snark on our putrid prognostications (as long as you’re kind enough to share your own BOLD predictions).

Since I’m the one writing, I get to go first:


1. Vlad Namestnikov scores two game-winning goals against Tampa this season
2. Playoff seeding is going to be determined by points percentage rather than total points because of game delays/cancellations piling up to the point where the NHL can’t untangle things enough to get every team a 56-game season
3. Boston buys at the deadline and still misses the playoffs.


1. This year will be the Renaissance of Danny DeKeyser and he will be a 20+ point player.
2. The Red Wings are not mathematically eliminated from playoff contention by May 1.
3. The Svechnikov brothers never share the ice.

Mike B

1. Cholowski is one of Detroit’s top three defensemen in points.
2. Mike Babcock takes over Pierre’s role between the benches on NBC and interviews Blashill during a stoppage.
3. Pushes chips to middle of the table Detroit makes the playoffs.


1. Steve Yzerman makes a very bold trade that we probably won’t like at first.
2. Filip Zadina finishes top-10 in goal-scoring.
3. Tampa misses the playoffs somehow


1. Anthony Mantha scores 30 goals despite the shortened season and three other Red Wings have a 20+ goal pace.
2. The Red Wings finish in the top half of the league in PP and PK
3. The Red Wings finish above two teams in the Central Division


1. Bobby Ryan leads the Red Wings in Power Play points
2. One of the Red Wings goalies finishes top 10 in GSAx/60
3. Carolina wins the Stanley Cup

Ok I know I said we were going to hold the snark for the comments, but my post my rules. Mike B, you are the BOLDEST Dorito in a bag of Lays.

Go ahead and get your predictions in while feeling free to tell us how wrong we are. Enjoy!