Winged Wheel Podcast shares Money on the Board benefit for Jamie Daniels Foundation

Make a pledge, win prizes, and support a great cause.

On Opening Night, the Winged Wheel Podcast and Red Wings community icon Prashanth Iyer made a huge announcement. Combining community and a love for hockey, they created Money on the Board, a fun way to watch the Red Wings while benefitting the Jamie Daniels Foundation.

The Jamie Daniels Foundation was created in honor of Red Wings announcer Ken Daniels’ late son. Its goal is to end the stigma of Substance Abuse Disorder and provide resources for those in need. The Money on the Board pledge blends the one-of-a-kind community in Detroit and the mutual love of the sport we all love to contribute to an incredible cause.

How it works

First, participants fill out the “Wings Money on the Board” pledge form and choose the players/parameters of their pledge. Everything from fights to faceoffs is on the board — and any amount of money makes a huge difference. After that, participants are urged to reply or quote tweet @WingedWheelPod on Twitter to share their pledge & its progress using the hashtag #WingsMotB.

At the end of the season, participants are asked to donate their pledged amount via and send a screenshot to the Winged Wheel Podcast.

Giveaways & prizes

Prizes can range anywhere from shirts to swag packs to merchandise based on the donation received. In addition, giveaways will be a major part of the benefit. Red Wings jerseys, memorabilia, merchandise, and meet & greets are all included as potential awards to donors.

The benefit’s goal is to reach $20,000 by the end of the 2021-22 season. If you’d like to participate, visit the pledge form for more details. Several of the WiiM crew have elected to throw their hats into the benefit. Here are the pledges they’ve promised:

Jake Rivard (@RivardNHL): $2 for every fight/scrap

Prashanth Iyer (iyer_prashanth): $71 for Dylan Larkin

Sara (@helmerroids): $1 for every Dylan Larkin penalty, $10 per Larkin suspension

Kyle M (@KyleWIIM): $1 for every Seider point, $2 if it’s a power play point

Let us know how much you plan on pledging below!