Wingemon 2.0

Researchers have recently identified 15 new species of Wingemon to expand the original list of 26. Have you collected all of them yet?

Time to grab your puckeballs again, folks! With moves, trades, hirings and firings, and the NHL Draft altering rosters, new Wingemon are here to add to your Wingdex! In the dog-days of summer with no proper hockey to follow, what else do you have to do? Chase down pocket monsters on your phone?

Double check that you're caught up on the original Wingemon, identified here.

Starchild -> Bluesteve -> Hottshit

Signature Move - Cosmic Grit. When your team is against the ropes and moments away from defeat, Cosmic Grit boosts your team's least useful stat at the expense of team speed and accuracy. 75% chance to randomly make one of your active Wingemon faint. When you lose the match, take solace in the idea that at least you were grittier than the other team.


Signature Move - Disappear. After looking very promising early in the match, this Wingemon will decide it's fed up with your "complete game crap" and move itself automatically onto your inactive roster. Your weakest active Wingemon is swapped in and promptly KO'd. This Wingemon does not evolve, and will forever be exactly what it's always been.

Sovieagle -> Griffskie -> Scorenikov

Signature Move - Toothy Grin. Smile at your foe with a menacing, toothy grin. Men have been known to lose their souls staring into the vast red-black depths of darkness between a Scorenikov's pearly-whites. Rumor has it, that's where the Russian Mafia hides all their money.

Canucklehead -> Beronezzi

Signature Move - Redeeming Play. After majorly screwing up, this Wingemon changes to a different team to hit with a string of super effective moves.

Minucklehead -> Bertwozzi

Signature Move - Stick Flip. Embarrass other Wingemon by disarming them as you carry the puck and end up scoring a ridiculous goal.

Stamkid -> Stamklot -> Stamkeeper

Signature Move - Courtship. Enamor your foe with the idea that you could defect to their team, then land a devastating blow. This move lasts 3 turns. Super effective against Traitoronto. Only usable while Lightning General is in your active inventory.

Hollamateur -> Devellunderling -> Hollikeyourteam

Signature Move - GM Speak. Automatically casts either Tire Kick or Over Ripen, pissing off all your fans. Tire Kick - entertain the idea of stealing a Wingemon from another team, then back down and freeze your roster for 4 turns. Over Ripen - bring new Wingemon up after their opportunity for greatest development has passed, then send them back to your inactive roster after 1 turn. Freezes your current roster for 4 turns.

Houdefender -> Bearboy -> Houdat

Signature Move - Fix It. Increase the defensive values of your active Wingemon. This move fails if you carry both Kronwall and Errorsson in your active roster.

Bustbucket -> Lunchpail -> Charliebucket

Signature Move - Blackmail. This Wingemon will hack your phone to steal pictures of you in compromising positions. Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to move him off your active roster? Just wait until the press sees these snapshots of you naked while sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood to ensure success in the next match-up... Fortunately, it only takes a hand-shake agreement to appease this Wingemon. Blackmail is only effective with Hollikeyourteam on your active roster.

Denmaranz -> Islanielsen -> Planbee

Signature Move - Quick Escape. This Wingemon follows Stamkeeper around, quickly darting in front of thrown puckeballs hoping trainers will snag it instead when a wild Stamkeeper proves too elusive to be captured. Planbee REALLY didn't want to stick around on that other team...

Wildfire -> Torcoachi

Signature Move - Man Advantage. Gain an extra attack from one of the Wingemon on your active roster. Guaranteed to be super effective.

Freduck -> Baitrade -> Goaleaf

Signature Move - Cursed Play. When used as Freduck or Baitrade, Cursed Play will curse opponents to lower their stats. When used as Goaleaf, Cursed Play instead lowers this Wingemon's stats by double the normal amount. Only usable with Traitoronto watching from your active roster.

Griffinstructor -> Salajkoach

Signature Move - Mentor. This Wingemon moves to your inactive roster. If you have a Mraznificent active, it's stats and power are doubled.

Waynderkid -> Collectacup -> Greatzky

Signature Move - Record Break. Defeat your foe in record time. This Wingemon automatically flees from battle if countered with the daunting presence of an Immortanine.

Howe-itzer -> Mr. Hockey -> Immortanine

Signature Move - Legacy. Even if defeated in battle, this Wingemon will continue to hit foes with punishing super effective elbows.