Wings beat Bolts 1-0 in 8 round shootout at the 0G Corral

First Period

Barely underway and Alex Biega to the Bad Bulldog Box for hooking. Wings to the penalty kill! Greiss makes two saves and LGD blocks a hard shot. He stays out and tries to block another but looks to be in some pain. After his shift, he heads down the tunnel (he comes back). Penalty killed!

Brayden Point already stirring up trouble but Greiss makes the save. Greiss having to do a lot of work already. Our first (good) shot of the game is from, who else, Adam Erne.

LGD tries to win a foot race and get a chance at his signature backhand but cuts it too close and crashes into the glass. Another play that looks like it hurt him (he comes back again). Wings are trying to pull moves that would work against some teams, but not the Bolts who have lots of actual hockey players.

This is not me complimenting Tampa, I would never, this is acknowledging a fact and perhaps complimenting Steve Yzerman.

Rasmussen blocks a shot with his ankle. He limps over to the bench (he comes back for the second).

5 minutes to go and the Wings offense is starting to perk up a bit. There is an actual zone entry, isn’t that nice? Wings will get their chance now as McDonagh goes to the Timeout Terrarium for cross-checking. Powerplay time! It was not good.

Helm and Panik are working well together near the Bolts net until Helm falls down. LGD limps toward the bench again.

That’ll do it. Tied 0-0. Shots 11-4 Tampa.

Second Period

Wings finally get a real scoring chance that clanks off the post. Veleno’s line putting in work. First few minutes of the period are pretty boring, which is kind of a victory for the Wings. Another opportunity comes with our second powerplay of the game. Hedman to the Crimes Cubicle. Naturally, this leads to a short-handed rush for Tampa. Thank you blessed goalpost. We kill our own powerplay.

5 minutes to go and still just kind of general back and forth-ness. I like to think Tampa is getting annoyed at how they still haven’t scored. That we’re on the level of an annoying spoiler team. The truth is we have 9 shots.

2 minutes and Vladdy is having himself a scrap. He gets hauled down from behind with an arm around the face. Vlad and Colton both imprisoned for Sports Crimes for unsportsmanlike and roughing respectively. One of those penalties is valid.

4v4 and somehow Palat misses an empty net during a 2 on 1. That keeps it 0-0 and onward to the third. Shots 17-9 Tampa.

Third Period

Another 2 on 1 for Tampa and this time Point was able to get pushed off his path just enough that he couldn’t jam the puck between Greiss’ skate and the post.

Red Wings on the penalty kill, Svech to the Timeout Terrarium. Penalty killed!

Wings have 10 shots! Double digits baby wooooo! 12 minutes to go.

The most exciting part of the game so far is Mickey Redmond praising the gluten-free options and thanking the behind-the-scenes Bally sports crew who makes it happen.

Past the halfway point and a DeKeyser and Palat get tied up with Greiss in the crease which lets McDonagh’s shot from the blueline get into the net. Blash challenges for goaltender interference. NO GOAL.

Veleno earns himself a trip to the Habitat for Horribleness and a few seconds later Gagner joins him. Tampa gets a 5v3 for almost the full two minutes. LGD, DK and Staal take their shift and have Tampa going pass pass pass pass and no shoot. Very good penalty killing from that crew. LGD and Staal still out there joined by Hronek. Blocking shots and blocking lanes. BOTH PENALTIES ARE KILLED.

Red Wings to the powerplay! How the turntables. Coleman to the Degen Den. Nothing happening but Cernak picking a fight with Vrana and Gagner for whatever reason, doesn’t get more than a little pushing and shoving behind the play. Penalty over as Erne fires off two shots as a last attempt.

That’s it. Still 0-0.


Wings are looking pretty good, and when they did let Kilorn in all alone Greiss said NO THANK YOU. This is somehow the most organized the Wings have looked all game. Vrana has had a few good chances and Veleno has seen a lot of time, great that he can gain the experience.

STILL 0-0.


Colton - yep


Point - yep

Zadina - YEP.

Barre-Boulet - nope.

Erne - nope. clank.

Hedman - nope. he kind of just passed it to Greiss?

Veleno - nope.

Sergachev - nope.

Svech - nope.

Coleman - nope.

Vladdy - nope.

Johnson - yep.

Filppula (seriously) - YEP.

Gourde - nope.

Gagner - YEP.