Wings lose 4-1 to Islanders. Now 100% eliminated from playoff contention.

Cancel the parade.

Here we go gang, playoff elimination is on the line! We still have like a 1 in a 1-and-a-lot-of-0s chance but if we don’t get two points tonight then no amount of us winning and others losing will help. Strategically placed asteroids maybe, but let’s just embrace the rebuild instead.

Trades incoming? All possible trade pieces should put on a good show tonight to help out their GM. That’s called being a REAL team player.

First Period

Our fourth line almost had a scoring tic-tac-toe moment. I did a double take thinking our first line had snuck back out there, but good for them.

What’s not good, is that it’s now 1-0 Islanders at 5:45.

The minutes following the Islanders goal are not going great for the Wings, but Mantha is making mild attempts at offense as the Wings seem to be waking up a bit more.

Ok they’re asleep again, shots are 9-1 Islanders halfway through but the score is still only 1-0.

We went almost 11 minutes before taking a penalty, that’s a victory. Dylan Larkin, framed for the heinous crime of elbowing, is falsely imprisoned. Wings to the penalty kill and it was a success!

I got distracted by this content for a little bit-

-but now the Wings are now on the powerplay! The Islanders almost score but Lindstrom saves the day. Red Wings powerplay is successfully killed by the Red Wings. Another chance for the Islanders but Bernier is dialed in now.

Of course why should Bernier get any help? Erne takes a slashing penalty and we’re back on the PK with 2:38 to go in the period. Shots are 13-1 now by the way. I don’t need to tell you who is winning that battle. However we do kill the penalty and successfully kill of the remaining 30 seconds of the period.

Islanders up 1-0 on the score and 13-1 in shots.

Shot. Chaser.

Second Period

Good news! We took a shot on net. And another shot! We’re still getting crushed but only slightly less badly. Mantha looks to send the puck down the ice and Komarov takes it to the inside of the knee. He has to be helped off the ice. Good thing it wasn’t an actual shot or his whole leg probably would have exploded, bad luck for Komarov but hopefully just a stinger and no damage.

Shots now stand 20-6 but hey still only 1-0 and no one on the potential trading block has done anything insanely stupid so far. And we’re halfway through the game, the Second Period Red Wings haven’t made bad things that much worse, another victory for us.

They almost did just now, like three times in 20 seconds, but Bernier is still hanging on. He may have a sternly written letter read to the team later.

Larkin tries to fight back but is tied up the whole way through his attempted breakaway, couldn’t get the shot off but that was good defense not Larkin being bad at offense. Credit where due.

I finally have some great news...for team tank! The Islanders scored on us again, here come the Second Period Red Wings! Eberle makes it 2-0 Isles.

And now, a penalty kill is needed! Biega is back in the box, he already has his head encased in the shield now he’s double packed and ready to ship to any team that wants him. And we end the period on that note, down 2-0.

Chris Osgood is currently POTG, he is adding the most value tonight.

Third Period

Ok this is it, 20 minutes between us and complete mathematical elimination from Stanley Cup contention.

Filppula passed the puck to Bertuzzi’s feet. But then Filppula did actually shoot the puck - missed by a mile but he tried. That’s the only news I have to report from the first half of the period.

I said DON’T do anything stupid if you’re potentially tradable MIKE. Green heads to the box just over halfway through the period. LGD and Helm do take the opportunity to show off their penalty kill skills, so there’s a silver lining.

Biega, Ehn and Filppula have the best scoring chance of the game for the Wings. So, there ya go.

Larkin gets smooshed into the boards and you can hear the involuntary groan that escaped his soul as he went splat. A little rattled but doesn’t seem to be actually injured. Now Helm gets taken out and here we go, it’s our powerplay! Revenge time!

Blash has pulled Bernier with 4 minutes to go and we’re on the powerplay. What could go wrong? The puck was sitting in the crease behind the goalie but the whistle blew before Bertuzzi knocked the puck the rest of the way into the net.

Bertuzzi is FURIOUS. Blash is making Blash faces. After a quick review the call of no goal stands. AND THE RED WINGS IMMEDIATELY SCORE. FOR REAL. The goal was credited to Bertuzzi, then maybe Larkin, and now announced as Mantha. In any case it’s now 2-1.

Moments later, Larkin is an EXTREMELY MAD LAD who heads to the penalty box and the Wings are back on the PK with 2:30 to go. Blash is a Mad Dad. It was 80% of a dive, not that much of a trip.

Oops, it’s 3-1.

Oops, it’s 4-1 (empty netter).

Oops, we are 100% eliminated from playoff contention.