Wings make history in 2-0 loss to Buffalo

Wings achieve 7 straight losses in regulation for the first time in 30 years. Lose big and go home!

It’s been 0 hours and 15 days, since we took a win away.

That’s all I got.

So let’s go.

But first, bonus Mick pregame quote: “It’s a humiliating game.”

First Period

Fil is centering AA and Mantha to start and AA has a chance ten seconds in. Not a great chance, but like to see him chomping at the bit. Outside that, Buffalo is controlling the game in the opening minutes.

Filppula gets a breakaway and takes a shot, even a little deke attempt!!! He was absolutely looking for someone to pass to, but despite his best efforts the only person he could pass the puck to was the goalie. Which he did.

Mantha and Skinner doing some chipping and chirping, as long as Mantha doesn’t break a hand it’s all fun and games.

Halfway through and shots are 5-3 in favor of the Wings. No fantastic chances for Buffalo and I’ve already mentioned the notable Wings happenings, keep up.

Another chance with AA swiping the puck in front of the net. Ullmark “let go” of his stick, certainly didn’t throw it [suspicion increase], sliding over to block the shot. Six minutes left and an open net chance but Daley shows his commitment to catching Ottawa in the race to the bottom. A true leader.

Givani Smith looking good so far, and in fact the Wings aren’t looking to shabby as a whole. Shots are now 11-3 in favor of the Wings. Nothing to show for it, except Jimmy has probably made good progress on his crossword puzzle.

We end the period 0-0, can’t blow a lead if you don’t have one! Good start for the Wings, especially considering Buffalo is actually good which still feels weird. Lots of time in the Sabres zone just couldn’t do anything with it.

Defense gonna defense, that goes without saying even though I said it anyway.

Mickey Redmond Quote of the Period (QOTP): “He’s goin ‘you little son of a gun I’ll get a piece of ya’.”

Second Period

Hronek got a high stick and a mitt to the face and Red Wings hit the powerplay a minute into the period. Givani Smith getting time on the powerplay as the net front guy, you love to see it. Plopperplay ends and still 0-0.

Four minutes in and the Wings are chomping at the bit, a heck of a shift by Bowey helps set up some shots. Mantha feeds Filppula who is wide open and in the clear to the net so naturally he passes the puck AGAIN leading AA to chase and get called for a tripping penalty. Mick is beside himself.

Penalty kill time and de la Rose breaks free shorthanded with Helm. No goal, but good try for Rosie. Penalty killed and we’re halfway through the period. But the stalemate couldn’t last, Howard is effectively screened as McCabe scores and Buffalo takes the 1-0 lead.

The Blashill Bingo Wheel has not yet made an appearance fyi.

Closing minutes and the Wings are falling apart a bit. Maybe more than a bit. Jimmy is hard at work. 40 seconds to go and Hirose takes a hooking penalty. We end the period with a minute left on the penalty kill to start the third. Shots stand at 20-19 Sabres.

Mick QOTP: “Oh my gosh Val, what were you thinking??”

Also, this:

Third Period

Ozzie between the benches instead of Mick, in case you were curious. Wings have a minute of penalty to kill and they do not. Buffalo scores an admittedly nice goal, nothing Jimmy could do but sigh and pray for a meteor strike. 2-0 Sabres.

Five minutes in and both the Red Wings and the fans at the game are quiet. But Givani is still trying! Aaaaaaand Wings back on the PK thanks to a Daley dose of disappointment. Penalty killed.

Blash got the band back together. Larks is back with Bert and Mantha with 11 minutes to go. Larkin immediately looks 10x more energized and draws a penalty. Powerplay time! Awful powerplay but can’t overstate how night and day Larkin is playing now that the top line is back together.

Now Helm is with Larks and Bert. Fire up the Blashill Bingo Wheel! And now the MLB line is back together. reverse reverse! 3 minutes to go and still 2-0 Sabres. Ken Daniels gets the excited yells for the first time all game as the top line goes to work.

Wings head back to the powerplay with 2:10 to go.

It’s not too late!

Jimmy escapes the net for the 6v4. One minute left. Broken stick so it’s like a 6v3. STILL NOTHING. The loser train keeps chugging on.

7th straight loss in regulation for the for the first time since 1989.

At least we had the edge in shots 37-25. Remember when this used to happen all the time? We’d take a billion shots and lose? It’s an elevated form of losing, and only by 2 goals! Why this is practicaly a victory!!!!!!!tank!!!!!!TANK!!!!!!!!!

At least things went well for the Griffins with Puempel’s hat trick and Veleno’s first pro goal :)

Mick QOTP: “They’re giving themselves a hand, good for them, something to cheer about” (crowd singing John Denver)