WINNERS! Red Wings play spoilers and defeat the Blackhawks 2-1.

Nice playoff dream. It’d be a real shame if you lost to the Red Wings.

Pregame and Mickey is comparing old gloves and news gloves in some show and tell.

Also, candy trade.

First Period

WHAT A SAVE BY BERNIER! A 2 on 1 with a sliding Hronek trying to block the pass and Debrincat is shut down by Bernier.

Wings are looking energized with even Ericsson getting into the mix. Timashov takes a shot on net, good for him. “Glendening, never know for offense, but-” Ken Daniels burns another victim.

I don’t want to alarm anyone but there are fans in the seats. It looks like a proper arena.

Lindstrom heads to the box and we’re on a penalty kill as we hit the halfway mark of the period. Penalty killed, we did it! Shots tied 7-7 and game tied 0-0. Crawford draws a penalty on Mantha as Mantha was going for the puck and got tied up in Crawford’s skate just enough for the ref to call him for it. We’re back on the penalty kill. Helm and LGD almost get away but Biega misses the pass to set them loose. Penalty killed, two for two!

2:23 to go and Helm gets interfered with to gives the Wings their first powerplay.

Nothing happens and we end the period tied 0-0.

Second Period

TYLER BERTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUZZI and it’s 1-0 Red Wings! Great pass from Larkin and an absolute snipe from Bert.

Timashov showing some smarts and patience to keep the puck in but the effort is wasted. Pace of the game has definitely picked up from the first period with both teams getting chances, with a slight edge to the Wings for the momentum.

Biega draw a penalty with 11:22 to go, we’re on a powerplay! AND IT WORKS. Fabbri with a rocket makes it 2-0 Red Wings! First NHL point for Lindstrom.

Are the Blackhawks bad? They look bad. The Wings are looking like a proper competitive team right now.

Oh that sneaky Bertuzzi he pulled a trick that almost work the little between the feet deke. He’s in some kind of mood tonight. The most dangerous lead in hockey, 2-0, is still preserved with two minutes to go.

Timashov made Debrincat look like a FOOL. Then Crawford pushes Filppula down because he’s a crankypants. Now a scrap breaks out as icing is called and Dach goes flying into the boards. Dach was holding onto Bowey’s stick as he raced to nullify the icing, Bowey gave him a push to detach, and Dach smacks the boards (he’s fine).

The most dangerous lead in hockey has been defeated with just under a minute to go. 2-1 Red Wings. Bad defensive coverage leaves Kane open to get the pass from Saad and nothing Bernier could do.

Red Wings lead in goals 2-1 and shots 20-16.

Third Period

Not a great start for the Wings, a lot of giveaways and not connecting on passes. Took a few minutes but they appear to be playing some defense, I will leave that up to the reader to decide whether or not it is on purpose or if the Blackhawks are just really bad.

Tyler Bertuzzi is in Junkyard Dog mode he’s looking like himself again and sparking the rest of the team to join in.

A very loud Sweet Caroline has broken out just over halfway through the period. Nice to hear some excitement in the place.

Saad holds onto Biega’s stick and hooks himself like a stupid fish so Wings are on their third penalty kill of the night. Penalty killed!

5 minutes to go and Larkin tries the ol’ wraparound and it almost worked. He’s looking confident and not miserable, it’s nice. He was out there with LGD for whatever reason.

4 minutes to go, we’re still up 2-1.

3 minutes to go, we’re still up 2-1.

2 minutes to go, Crawford heads to the bench and Bernier makes a big save. We’re still up 2-1. Chicago takes their timeout.

1 minute to go, Hawks are pouring it on but Bernier isn’t having it. We’re still up 2-1.

30 seconds to go, we’re still up 2-1.

Hronek sends the slowest puck I’ve ever seen toward the net and Murphy crashes into the net to save the goal. Faceoff in the Hawks zone, Crawford still on the bench.

10 seconds

5 seconds