World Junior Hockey Championship 2015 results: Day Five

Five days down and we've got a light schedule from today. No Red Wings prospects in action for this one.

Denmark vs. Switzerland

Featuring: Chocolate!

The Danes won a shootout over Switzerland for a 4-3 decision. After hanging tough through two losses, I think a lot of folks are proud of the Danes for getting this win. I'm ok with it too because I don't like any Swiss NHLers right now.

Germany vs. Slovakia

Featuring: BMWs and Tomas Tatar's Range Rover

The Slovaks ran over Germany 5-2 on the strength of a hat trick by Martin Reway, the fourth round pick of the Canadiens in 2013. Germany got both of their goals off the stick of Frederik "Stop it, that" Tiffels.

Schedule for Wednesday December 31

Round Group Date Visitor Home Time
Preliminary B Wed Dec 31 Sweden Switzerland 1:00 PM EST
Preliminary A Wed Dec 31 United States Canada 4:00 PM EST
Preliminary B Wed Dec 31 Czech Republic Russia 5:00 PM EST
Preliminary A Wed Dec 31 Finland Germany 8:00 PM EST

If you live in the US, then NHL Network is your source for WJC games. They're going to show all Team USA and Canada games, but not every game. has the full broadcast schedule here.

Today's games on NHL Network

Preliminary Wed Dec 31 United States Canada Bell Centre 4:00 PM
Preliminary Wed Dec 31 Finland Germany Bell Centre 8:00 PM

The game that everybody has been looking forward to all tournament long. Finally we get to see Finland versus Germany!

In Canada, the TSN empire will have every single game. Here's their network/broadcast schedule.