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How the Hub of Hockey views Hockeytown

We know what the View from Boston was like Sunday after finding out that the Bruins had a date with the Red Wings in round one. Now it's time delve a little more into the details.

For WIIM, I've been writing a series of posts introducing our readers to the Bruins roster. Just who will the Wings be facing on a nightly basis for the next 4-7 games? We started with the forwards yesterday. Later this afternoon, we'll get to know the Bruins defense.

Well, for my day job at NESN (well night job technically), I've taken it upon myself to do a 'Know Thy Enemy' series from the other perspective by introducing the Red Wings roster to Boston fans. Last night my first feature aired about Detroit's forwards this season. I wrote and edited this feature. Later this week the plan is to look at the defense, the goaltending and coaching.

In addition to my Red Wings forwards feature, I produced a breakdown segment looking at the Bruins power play. Boston has gone from one of the worst power play teams in recent years to 3rd overall this season. If the Wings plan to win in round one, they're going to have to stop Boston on the man advantage. Take a look at why the Bruins have been so good.

Let's Go Red Wings.