Report: Blues requested Red Wings Dylan Larkin in trade for Kevin Shattenkirk

Reports had surfaced on Sunday out of the Free Press that when the Red Wings inquired on defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, the St. Louis Blues’ asking price was forward Dylan Larkin:

St. Louis has to decide what to do with defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, but on first chatter the Blues wanted Larkin, which is a no-go. At 27, Shattenkirk has played 410 games, with 242 points, 119 of them during power plays. He’s got one year left at a cap hit of $4.25 million and would require a big contract to keep.
Helene St. James continues...

We know the Red Wings need defense more than anything right now, and should likely be very aggressive in the trade market for one, but this is way out of the question. I’m not sure there is a Red Wings fan who would every in their right mind make a trade like this, and if there is, we have bigger problems as a fanbase. Dylan Larkin is coming off of an impressive rookie season, and has etched himself into the Red Wings future as a primary building block.

I understand that St. Louis is trying to get the most out of a prime asset, and the market for a top-pairing defenseman isn’t exactly booming, but they’re a bit out in left field with this sort of asking price. I have no doubt that Shattenkirk might end up traded before the season starts, but if the Blues are truly committed to doing so, the asking price is going to have to come down considerably - If the trade partner is to be the Red Wings, that is.

UPDATE (6/27 12:04 pm): Andy Strickland, the rinkside reporter for Fox Sports Midwest is debunking the rumor that the Blues asked for Larkin in return for Shattenkirk: