Quick Hits: The Hit by a Truck Edition

In Red Wings Land

‘I felt like a truck hit me’: Red Wings dietitian Lisa McDowell overcomes coronavirus - The Detroit News

Three weeks of agony, pure and simple.

“I had a fever, like about 104.7, for over a week, the fever would not relent,” McDowell said. “I came in (to the hospital) and got tested and it came back positive. It was scary.

“It was a tough go.”

The symptom that bothered McDowell most was the difficulty breathing.

A marathon runner who had this in March is getting back into things with one-mile runs.  Fortunately, she caught it early enough that she was able to keep those around her safe. Scary stuff.

Around the NHL

As NHL HUB competition pares down to just 4 teams here is where the Edmonton Oilers rank: 9 Things - Edmonton Journal

However, as soon as we move past that hotel factor and onto the primary public health considerations, this story stick-handles toward 2 lead candidates: They are Vancouver and Edmonton. While I do believe the league when it says the safety of the players is Job #1 there’s zero question NHL Player Agents is “that times 2”. Downplaying the influence of agents in this entire process would be a huge mistake. They are major power brokers and are avidly consuming the COVID numbers. So, here is the most up-to-date health picture available for what are lining up as the 4 main finalists (Pittsburgh, Chicago not out of it just yet, COVID spiking in Texas, California, Ohio and Minnesota):

Sure whatever.